Will I lose weight if I stop eating for 3 days? – Adele Weight Loss Transformation Keto Diet 48 Lbs In Kg

No, it will not.

The amount of calories you eat varies per day and over the week. This is similar to what happens when people track their calorie intake and decide to take a calorie deficit for a few days or a week. This happens less in people who train, and also in people who run. But no matter how you cut down, a calorie deficit for longer than 6 (or 8, or 12) days does not lead to weight maintenance.

I don’t eat anything that might be “triggering” me to overeat at my next meal, so I’m not worried by my belly. But I’ll continue to lose weight and see if fat is hiding.

Can I cheat?

Well no that’s not the same thing as cutting. Your body’s “cheat” mechanism will kick in over time. Cheating in one small area can be a quick fix for some people.

“It’s always better to cheat once or twice and then work on the other areas to get there”

“If someone is constantly eating carbs, this could really be a big issue of being overfed by food and eating too much.”

“It would be really hard to cheat and work hard and fast on each area but you don’t have to do this.

You just need to do your best to control yourself better”

Cheat or diet in general, it’s the same general problem that we all have.

We’re all trying to be healthy and keep to a healthy eating plan, the most common cheat you see is cutting calories. It usually isn’t in that scope of your plans, but when it is, it has a lot of people scratching their heads wondering “How can I do this without breaking my diet?”

Let’s consider a situation:

A girl wants to see a fitness professional.

She’s healthy but fat and feels like she has to exercise every day to keep off her weight so she’ll be in better shape.

When you get up to the gym 3x a night it can quickly become a chore to eat food all day. You’re doing things like eating a banana or pizza and you’ll quickly stop having time to eat. After 1 hour or so you’re still tired and hungry. It’s a problem and she’s asking you to cut back on food intake.

The fitness professional will suggest you eat lunch at a fast food joint later.

You don’t know how to do

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