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Well, a fasting day will increase the production of beneficial blood fats called ketones. For example, a day-long fasting in the middle of winter increases your levels of the ketone-busting hormone insulin, which is vital for your brain and other vital organs. Fasting also increases levels of bile, which is extremely helpful in your body’s ability to break down fat.

What are the benefits of water fasting?

Well that’s it. To be honest, water fasting is a pretty simple recipe. It really is just reducing your intake by adding water to your coffee and water.

You can achieve the same results anywhere by cutting back on your carbohydrates at the same time you reduce your protein intake, which is generally a good idea. Cutting back protein will also help you get enough of these healthy and vital fats to replace the extra fat you’ll be eliminating.

To give an example, if you were following a low fat/carb diet for example, cutting back to about 20 grams of protein a day would be the best way to reduce carbs and reduce fat. You should also keep in mind that water fasting is really only necessary for a short period of time as it will eventually burn off all of the excess water. To give you an idea of what you might do with that extra water, one of our followers has recently noticed that his body weight has dropped 20 pounds in just over a month of experimenting with water fasting.

One of the downsides of the water fasting method is that it can have some pretty scary side effects. The first problem was caused when the body started having trouble digesting the extra water. For example, if you have the following symptoms, then a water fasting diet probably isn’t the diet for you:

Diarrhea (this is the first symptom)

Tiredness (this is the second symptom)

Insomnia (this is the third symptom)

Dizziness (this is the fourth symptom)

These symptoms should normally go away on their own, however, we all know that the body adapts to the water fasting schedule in a really cool way when it is trying to cope with a caloric deficit. In this case the result is that the body ends up taking in all of the water it needs from the food it’s previously eaten to fuel.

In any case, water fasting doesn’t have to be a full time solution to reduce hunger. There are many other ways to reduce hunger while reducing your carbohydrate intake to help you

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