How can I decrease my waist size? – Weight Loss Foods For Women In Their 50S

If you are a slim female, you may want to keep your waist size in line with other women.

If you are a slender female, you may want to adjust your waist size based on your waist-to-hip ratio. If you have a large waist, your waist-to-hip ratio is more likely to be below 2.

The following will help:

Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Leader Greg Selinger says he regrets his comments about the need for a carbon tax and a carbon tax rebate aimed at working people.

Selinger says he wants to get to a place where the provincial budget includes a $10-per-tonne carbon tax, which some of his opponents say has not yet happened.
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But he’s also said he’ll be fine with a carbon tax rebate on personal home heating and a $10/tonne cap and trade bill.

He says the carbon tax and rebate are part of the same solution: A carbon tax, rebated carbon taxes and a cap and trade bill.

“That’s what we do, we do it in three steps.”

“We start with a cap and trade bill; secondly we’ve done a carbon tax rebate for those of you with low incomes,” Selinger said.

“Finally, we will be introducing a carbon tax.”

Selinger made the comments in an interview Friday at the Regina International Airport where he and several federal Conservative and Saskatchewan party premiers appeared at a panel discussion about the economy and climate change.

Selinger said he did not mention carbon taxes and rebates.

“It’s not what I said,” he said. “I don’t have any regrets.” The province’s climate change plan includes putting a carbon price floor on the power industry, a strategy the federal government has been following.

‘Very disappointing’ comment

Watson, the former leader of the Saskatchewan Party who retired last year, told CBC Radio’s Saskatchewan Morning that he thought the premier’s comments could be perceived as a veiled threat to the federal government and that it might make people wary about their political allegiances.

“I’m sorry Greg Selinger, I wouldn’t have said that,” Watson said.

“I think there is a big difference between a direct threat and a veiled threat. The premier has his own political views and he’s not the premier of a province that is very dependent on a federal government for its existence. He’s got some real issues on his plate

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