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In French ballet, the music and dance are not a separate, or separate, art form, they are part of the whole. So if the dancers, the choreographers and the musicians all come together and create an art form they are all artists. And they all have their own vision and are very interested in the music that they create. Of course, French ballet was already very popular in France for 100 years and is now increasingly popular in Europe as well. So the French have always had a connection with the music and, in fact, the great music of the future.

What is contemporary French ballet?

What you see is what you are going to get. And as for what you go in for, it could be anything. From the original French ballet, to the new, contemporary French music, to the contemporary composers, there is nothing that is not possible and that’s really nice. And it’s all possible thanks to the great team of dancers and orchestrators who provide these styles of music that are always fresh and new.

That’s wonderful. Can you say a bit more about the choreography, which is very interesting to me? It seems like contemporary ballet has been focusing more on the movements and the techniques of movements. So you see that in La Scala?

Yes! La Scala has always been very innovative and has always done something that is different from the rest of the dance world. As for the choreography, it is based on the movements, which is very important to be able to move the dancers with this energy and this emotion and in the same time have the music and the instruments to give to them. So, of course, these movements can be adapted to different movements. And this energy and the same emotion and energy with their songs, I think the best and the most beautiful part of any ballet dancer and orchestra is to create music for the dancers. The songs are always there in the music but also I think it is important to have the singers singing for you; that you get to feel the energy in these movements. And the dancers always have a lot of energy when that happens and the singers bring the music and the energy to the dancers. And then, as for the choreography, this works best while it’s in a group. When there is a group of dancers, the group movement and the groups choreography is done with the group of dancers, so everyone can contribute to the dance, to the group movement. You don’t need to create something special – just do

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