Who invented social dance?

Social — Firebeat Ballroom
According to a website run by David C. Hanks, the inventor of the Hanes “Livin’ La Vida Low Drag Dancing Shoes” (LOLDRD), the answer to that question is no.

Hanks is a partner in the company whose logo was also the inspiration for the logo and colors of that company.

The name of LOLDRD was given to it because it began in New York and later expanded to include a network in Los Angeles and an outfit in San Francisco, Hanks said.

Hanks said the name came together after he realized it sounded like “a word used in New York social dancing, which would fit right in.”

But while dancing and social dancing aren’t the same thing, it is generally believed that the words were used interchangeably in the 1970s or ’80s, Hanks said. By the 1990s, the words had become interchangeable, with more slang coming to light, Hanks said. In that way, LOLDRD might have started with a term that was taken in an old dance, and had a name that was an amalgamation of the words involved, he said.

A word to use for social dancing, Hanks said.

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The European Commission has launched a formal investigation. It is based on a complaint about the way Mr. Sarkozy’s office has spent €2.5 million on consultants who also work for firms that help companies set up in Switzerland.

Mr. Sarkozy’s office paid consultant Thomas Faucher €200,000 between July 2010 and March 2011. The money was paid directly, although in May 2010 Mr. Faucher agreed to pay €1,000 to help with a new job he had received. He had previously done work on tax arrangements for his father-in-law, and in 2008 he had worked for a Swiss tax-services firm, Fon Group.

Mr. Faucher told the commission that he had agreed to work for Mr. Sarkozy’s presidential campaign and his 2012 reelection campaign. It was in this role, he said, that he had consulted on tax arrangements in order to help his mother-in-law, whom he said had lived in Switzerland since 2007.

The commission is also examining whether Mr. Sarkozy’s campaign helped Mr. Faucher with his new work on tax arrangements for his father-in-law’s Swiss company,