What is the easiest couples dance to learn? – Different Kinds Of Social Dances

We asked our readers to share their picks for the most common dance moves.

1. Crescendo & Slide

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As any partner (or solo artist) will tell you, your partner must be able to jump back to the side and slide around to his or her side at the exact same time as you do it, or you will have a problem. The perfect start of the dance is to jump up off the ground onto your partner’s back and slide toward the ground in unison.

2. The Double Twist

Do your partners dance as the double-twist? Do you want to try and do both the traditional version of the double twist (see the diagram below) and the double-double twist (see the diagram below)?

If you want to add a twist to the double-twist then you can incorporate two more twists to the traditional, but they are easier on the partner that did the traditional. The double-double twist is like the traditional, but with two twists. You can also take a longer “double-double” twist as shown above and add it to the traditional.

3. In the French Twist

This move is so hard for people to do! You must keep your partner in place! It’s that simple.

4. In the Single Twist

It’s a great dance when the partner is on all fours! And for the partner to keep his or herself planted on the back of your legs, even after you start to turn to the side.

5. In the French Triple

This is a big step up from the French Twist and is an easy one for anyone to start. It is a little bit harder when you’re not as confident as you could be.

6. In the Backward Bend

A tricky move can keep your partner from pulling back. Your best bet is to do this at the very beginning of the dance when people are not used to it.

7. In the Twist

A twist can be tricky if the person at the head end of the dance has to step sideways to keep his or her partner upright. Make sure the other person is steady! Also, watch out for the backside of the dancer.

8. In the French Circle Turn

This is another tricky dance move as it requires a bit of creativity and awareness on your part as the other person gets his or her feet underneath him or herself. It is a great challenge for dancers trying

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