What is dancing for you?

When you are in your childhood, you know what dance is? In college, you danced for college, until you lost your job. So when you think about dancing in adulthood, what is the best thing that happened? Do you know? That is exactly what I’m talking about. A dance gives one more connection with one’s inner self. And that is really something to do with what you put your mind to.
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For me, dancing is an opportunity to connect with my self again. That is when it all gets interesting.

It is about moving toward who you are even if it is a small journey. It’s about knowing yourself even if you cannot see yourself, especially when it comes to your body. When we stop questioning the body, we stop being concerned with it. We start seeing beyond it. We realize the beauty of it, the beauty of our bodies and bodies’ beauty. Once we move into our body, which is not always easy, we begin to love it because it allows us to discover our true self. This is what I learned from dance. It is amazing what it does for us. When we get out of the body, we are now looking right at ourselves – that is what gives us a better way to see ourselves.

Now, about that body. What is the body and how does it work? Well, first of all, it is a part of the body. It is not separate from the rest of it. It is part of the whole body. What we learn from biology is that the whole body is composed of cells, which contain the energy. In fact, when we have an injury or illness, it’s because the cells break down. The bodies’ body is composed of more cells than in other organisms. It contains different parts of the cells, especially in the muscles and heart. For example, in children, the heart muscle becomes more difficult and becomes irregular. When that happens, it can have a really harmful effect on the brain.

Dance also allows us to discover our body and to be able to see that it is so beautiful. It opens the eyes to the wonderment of the body and allows us to understand it as a tool. This is when we know that dancing allows us to find an outlet for creativity. Dancers can put a twist on their routine and play with words. They can use words to express themselves because music is an excellent channel to express themselves.

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