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I think it’s about being connected to the community. It’s a celebration of community.

It was interesting how some of the dance performances from the past year and some of the dance artists on the stage last night were from the community — which, by the way, is part of the reason why the festival was created in the first place.

It’s great to see that the community can create such a welcoming environment for people who are coming together for a good reason.

I love having my husband and kids on the dance floor today, but the crowd started to pick up in the third quarter, at which point we were asked to move to the bathroom.

The crowd wasn’t happy (in front of our seats). My husband says he felt we weren’t doing them properly either. One of the dancers, Roxy LaCaze, looked like she was having the same issue, which we did not like.

The bathroom is so small that we had to stand around outside the bathroom trying to get water out of the drain and we ended up standing outside the restrooms for over 20 minutes before the crowd quieted down. I tried to make light (like an Instagrammer), but the crowd was loud, and not to the point where I felt completely comfortable making light jokes about the situation.

It’s a good thing the festival isn’t on a weekend, because I think the crowds would be too much to handle.

The good:

The fact that the kids came to the festival as well as the people who made the decision to allow that. They’re just the kind of people that make an awesome city.

They’re just the kind of people that make an awesome city.
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I appreciate the fact that more people are coming to the festival to see it than ever before…

…and that you’re bringing such a large show to that.

The bad:

The sound in the bathrooms. Like, seriously, there are two different bathrooms on both of our level. The first is a small bathroom with no air conditioning and the second bathroom that had a small sound system where I think they wanted a bigger crowd of people to enjoy music. Like seriously, the sound for this concert wasn’t good, and you’re asking for more people? Why? And do you know why? If you’re trying to turn an audience into customers, don’t do that at all (that’s why I’m boycotting your festival). That’s a shitty thing to do.

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