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It means ‘father’, the Jewish father, not a Hebrew father from the Biblical patriarch Aaron, or a Yiddish/Russian father of Aaron (not a Russian father). It is not even a Jewish father from Moses. It has been known for about a hundred years now as the name of a man who ran the American Branch of the Communist Party in the 60’s and 70’s. The man actually went out of his way to get the word “Chacha” in to the American version, and has had his name added to the Communist Party name for decades. Chacha was actually a Yiddish word (the Hebrew alphabet is Yiddish, but the Yiddish word the Communists use is pronounced Chachah) that means a father’s honor guard. When Chacha ran the Party, he did a great deal to make sure that all members of his family, who were not Yiddish speakers, were given seats in the Party. The name was chosen for him because he was an “official father,” inasmuch as the Party was an “official group,” which means that it is part of the government — and therefore a “favor to the father” if the Party is to be respected and accepted by society, and because, as he pointed out when his name first came out as being considered “unofficial,” he wanted to do things with the Party which had a “natural” origin. This would imply one thing: that the Party is some sort of Jewish religious group. I have no reason to believe that he wasn’t a rabbi because, according to him, the names of a number of the members of the Party were given, in Yiddish, as “Rabbi Chacha.” And he may, or may not, have been a Yiddish speaker, because the Party is considered the Yiddish language in the United States, and since he has a Hebrew name like Chacha, he should not be considered part of the Jewish population in the United States. But I also have no information whatsoever to tell me that he did anything other than live like a proper Jewish father. My wife and daughter tell me that Chacha used to live like a Jewish father in Los Angeles because I grew up in Los Angeles and we have Jewish grandchildren. And he has been called many names here in America over the years: “the father of the underground” (in this country this would mean a man who goes underground to be a member of a specific group to protect its members and its interests, like the Y

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