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Well, we are all social dancers. Social dancers dance with our hands, like when we hold our purse strings to make an accordion. We dance with our bodies with our arms, like when we dance around a room with our hands. Social dancers love music, they love making music with our hands. The one thing that we don’t do is, well, dance with our genitals.

So yes, we all do dance with our genitals — but only in the most specific and private sense. So, we don’t do it that you see every single hour on TV or every single song on a popular dance song. (And, you know, I have no idea what it is, actually.)

Let’s talk about sex. It’s not that we’re making more of any sexual acts, but we’re having all kinds of sex. What do we do about it? We are, after all, all sex-positive. Or more properly, we’re more sexually and gender-positive than most people. It’s important to me that we don’t have sex that just makes us happy.

But there is a thing called pleasure, which, for me, comes out of this place of joy and pleasure and creativity. I want people to experience themselves and feel their body, be it physically, emotionally, or spiritually. There’s a lot of pressure to go through life, and I can’t see why anyone needs to experience themselves so poorly. We know sex makes us happy, we shouldn’t need to feel ashamed, uncomfortable, self-loathing, in pain, or ashamed of not having.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that we can’t enjoy sex. I’ve made my choice. However, I want you all to stop and think about what I say, because I’m not telling you not to enjoy sex. I’m not asking you to have sex. I’m just asking all of us to stop pretending that sex is something to be feared and forced by our society into your lives.

Now, sex, or more accurately, sexual activity, and the resulting pleasure, can bring about feelings of happiness, joy, love, contentment, and other things we need in our lives. It can increase our happiness. It can deepen our happiness. In other words: it’s not wrong. It’s really not evil. It’s not even really bad or bad for anyone.

So when we decide to stop watching sex shows, and instead of listening to them and learning about

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