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The 10 dances are a mix of hip hop and classical music and it is highly recommended that dancers have a basic understanding of dance.

The songs are the “Frog Dance” by Afro-Cuban artist Afrojack ( along with “Mama’s Boy” by Big Boi (

If your looking for a dance that you can just pick up and start practicing, check out the following link here:

It is a great idea to get into this dance at least once. It is very fast, rhythmic and is quite danceable. We will have more dance routines and tips in the upcoming weeks.

How do I get started?

We recommend that you watch this video to get a better understanding of dance:

We also have a Facebook group where you can discuss dance topics:

A Simple Guide to the 10 Traditional Dances of Ballroom ...
Here is the list of dances that we have in a playlist for you to practice:

1. Fira de Dios

This is a basic step dance that involves the hips, toes and tiptoeing. The Fira de Dios is a basic form of hip hop dance that involves hip hop style moves in a rhythmic yet energetic way.

2. Fira de Dios (Fira de Fira)

This dance is simple to begin and involves no moves beyond dancing the foot position through the “Fira de Dios”. This dance combines the Hip Hop and Classical styles that you will see in a lot of dances.

3. Fira de Dios (Zebra Dance)

This dance combines the movements with hip hop style movements in a very rhythmical and catchy way. The dancer should begin on the “Fira de Dios” and then move down until they reach their toe or toe and then turn around at the same time. This dance can be used when dancing along to a rap album.

4. Ola de La Muerte

This is

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