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The 10 dances were devised by a ballet choreographer in 1933 – the year that the first Walt Disney musical The Three Little Pigs was released.

The dances were created for the opening night of the Disney Theatre at the old Los Angeles Performing Arts Center.

The dances are the Disney’s version of the Italian Capodimonte.

Why is this important?

Because dancers today don’t have to learn a complete repertoire of dance moves. They simply take the same steps the choreographers taught them before.

As a dance aficionado (the dancers who will go down as the great great grandfathers of modern dance), you can be sure if you try it, you will be rewarded.

You see, dancers can now learn many more than one dance. They can also take more than one musical track into another dance! And as you will find out about in this lesson, even a musical’s track can be altered and moved out of the way for certain dances.

To this day, this simple principle has made many dancers better than ever.

The 10 dances that must go with ANY Walt Disney musical:

1. “The Dancer’s Walk”. This dance is used only in the “The Three Little Pigs” musical.

It is a beautiful and flowing dance and can be performed on all different types of instruments including drums, accordion, and maracas.

2. “Dance of the Day”. This simple dance is usually performed after the opening song “The Three Little Pigs”. This dance can be performed on all kinds of different musical instruments including the accordion, maracas, and even on a synthesizer.
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3. “The Dancer’s Step”. This dance comes before the “The Dancer’s Walk”. The step is also known as a “Crescendo” and has been performed on various different types of musical instruments such as accordion and maracas.

4. “The Dancer’s Twist”. This dance is also performed before every show in “The Three Little Pigs”. This dance can be performed on all kinds of different types of musical instruments including accordion and maracas.

5. “The Dancer’s Waltz”. This dance is performed before the “The Dancer’s Walk”, and was performed by Disney’s dance instructors at the old Los Angeles Performing Arts Center.

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