What are the 10 dances?

(1 minute long)

This is my favourite, as they were the first to really appeal to a wide audience. There are some that are really unique and unique dancers, that also make other great dances, so I just really love them all.

What is the most interesting technique you were taught?

The twisty twisty turn! I always loved it! All the girls really enjoy twisting their body on the floor, it makes me happy! I had so much fun and had so much fun learning. It was so different from the other styles I have been dancing. It made my whole body feel different and very comfortable. My partner actually cried when we were on the floor. I really loved that one because we were doing it before the music started, as my partner had an earache at the same time as I did. It was so fun to do so many twists without the music, it was such a wonderful way to dance! I love learning from my partners how I can move different things on the floor, I would love to have another partner to learn from!

What are the 10 most important things to remember when being on the dance floor (1 minute long)?

When you are dancing with others your whole body is connected and it is amazing to feel that. This was the first time we were doing a twisty twist with all of my partners, and all we had to do was twist, twist, twist, and twist until we had spun the most. It got so much easier as each body had to twist and twist and twist, this made for a fabulous night!

What do you feel are your greatest strengths? (1 minute long)

The dance has such a great flow to it. I feel like I can have as much fun at the beginning and end of the show as every other dancer. I also feel so confident because I can just dance all night because I know at any moment a dance might switch. I feel really comfortable on stage, and I love showing my body in a dance that people enjoy!

What do you think are the 10 most important things to learn in dance (1 minute long)?

All the dance is so natural and organic. If you watch it every hour the dance has so much life, it is amazing! It is not unnatural, it is not done the way it is done in Hollywood. It truly feels like it is living. Dancing with a lot of different people makes it so much more fun!!

What are one