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I don’t know. To my mind, it’s all good. A few years ago, I wrote that if you get in tune with your body’s rhythm, you can actually use its own energy to help boost your feelings. That’s a very nice thing.
My advice? “Take dance seriously.”
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There you have it. Dance is a terrific therapy. It’s important to work hard at it if you want to make the most out of it. Don’t just sit there and watch people get up and dance, but try using your body in some way. Dance is a beautiful tool.

As the world waits for the full details of Russian parliamentary elections on Sunday, a lot of people have already moved on – though they may still be watching how the presidential vote pans out.

In many places, it is likely the elections will give a boost to the ruling United Russia party, which has dominated the post-war political landscape for more than a quarter of a century. In Russia, however, the governing party is expected to lose some ground – particularly as turnout among the electorate has been steadily declining.

President Vladimir Putin, who is expected to retain power, will be buoyed by the fact that turnout is estimated to be over 50 percent in areas where he has been in power, and it is likely to rise in the most populous regions.

Even the Kremlin has to be hoping for a turnout above 50 percent – and it is widely hoped that the turnout for Sunday’s poll will be as high or higher.

The government is braced for a drop in voter participation in the election, which is being described as a “historic election,” in what many are describing as a test for President Vladimir Putin.

Analysts have been predicting an electoral rout for the ruling United Russia party for well over a decade.

The party’s fortunes have cratered because of the fall in Russian oil prices over the past year, along with Western sanctions against Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine – which has plunged Russia’s economy into recession.

That has affected how voters are treated before the polls open, as the political system – which Russia has retained for the first half of the century – has seen a major purge campaign against Russia’s opposition on charges such as “separatism.”

Last week, Putin told a local television station, “We do not need any radical forces, any political parties, any parties that might challenge our system and interests.” He also denied that the opposition – and by extension United Russia

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