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I thought he was going to be in it, but that’s not what they’re doing. That’s a mystery,” he tells Entertainment Weekly, adding: “The way we want the movie to be, he’s not going to be in the movie.”

“It’s always a very special episode for me when it’s the only one that doesn’t have a German score,” he tells EW.

MTV also announced that its original series Scandal will be ending in April with a three-hour finale on April 29 (which coincidentally is the eve of the first day of spring semester in Europe). “After this amazing journey, we will have more stories and more adventures for fans to enjoy as we move into a new exciting chapter in Scandal’s journey,” Scandal exec producer Kerry Ehrin said in the series’ press release.

A man with multiple sclerosis (MS) has died after being struck by a train.

James K. Kocor, 60, died on July 19 in his sleep at Boston City Hospital. He had been hospitalised for more than a month with complications linked to MS.

His family said he was diagnosed with MS after his wife’s death a decade earlier.

In 2015, the family donated $1.5 million to Massachusetts State University’s MS Research Institute to begin the work of developing a drug that is already in clinical trials that does not cause severe side effects and can be used by individuals with severe illnesses.

“It is my deepest grief and greatest hope that I may be able to help the many people in Massachusetts and throughout the world that suffer from this disease,” Kocor’s daughter said in a statement.

“Please continue to pray for Dr Kocor’s speedy recovery and for his family. He was loved by so many. His memory will live through his many friends, relatives, and all those who have benefited from his incredible spirit.”

The family has launched a GoFundMe page to help with Dr Kocor’s care costs.

Massachusetts State Senator Daniel Squadron, who was in Boston yesterday to discuss the case with his colleagues at the Health and Human Services Department, said it was “wonderful that the family has been able to come to grips with the grief and their pain.”

The senator said he was “shocked” to hear that doctors were treating him as “a failure” for trying to develop a drug to treat MS.

“My impression is that they felt that they had

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