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The quickest to get is the F1 test—and in the past it has meant that just getting into the academy and a basic test.

There is no guarantee that the Academy tests will be held within the next year because the FIA can hold off on any tests until the FIA’s new governance body is established. And the FIA has said it will seek to hold such tests at a location that serves as the Academy: the Jerez test was held at Silverstone, and at this past weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, the test was held at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

What is FIA Formula One World Championship testing schedule? Testing has been a regular part of the Formula One’s calendar since 2006. However, testing is often shortened by the absence of some car manufacturers. In 2014, only Ferrari and Sauber, plus Mercedes-Benz and Toyota, were available at a time, with McLaren having its own test to ensure it could be on the grid at the start of the season.

What is F1 Testing? FIA Testing is the testing part of a Formula One championship run by the FIA. The FIA runs nine testing sessions a year in 12 different countries (Germany, France, Spain, Britain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Austria, South Africa and Malaysia) and during that time, as well as on Sunday, 12 different cars will be running around a track. Each session has a different set of drivers on it, so in each of the nine testing sessions the best-performing car will receive a new contract and a more powerful engine. It is an open test after all, so even the most inexperienced teams can take part and there is no need to give any guarantees in this regard. The only things you can guarantee are that you will take part, that you will get a new engine, and that the test venue is at least suitable to the type of track, weather and track conditions you will be running.

As with anything, there is a certain amount of speculation and guesswork when it comes to Formula One testing schedule updates, and whether certain races or regions are going to get better or worse. This would mean that all those rumours involving Ferrari and Sauber, McLaren and Red Bull, and so on could become reality. The only way to find out is to take a look at what is going on these days, if only to give you a good read on what’s going on in the paddock.

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