What is the best free drawing app?

Well, you’ll find that a bunch of them out there. And that’s okay. There’s not just one way to draw on a tablet. After I went through each of my favorite free drawing apps (and not just which one makes the best drawing-on-a-tablet experience) I came up with this roundup of the ones that I like most for drawing on one. Let’s dive in!

1) Pen & Paper

This pen & paper app was initially recommended to me by a friend of mine. I’m a bit obsessed with Pen & Paper. You can draw without a computer. Even without a smartphone. I also really enjoy drawing with a stylus. I’m sure many of you do, but I’ve still never used one until now. Well, this will take you the longest; but its all good, since it uses the tablet! (No, the Pen & Paper app DOES use your phone, though. It uses your stylus to draw, if you use the pen and paper app. But it doesn’t seem to change that, and it has a pretty great interface)

2) is a super helpful little app. It’s very similar to the paper drawing app for iOS. But, it also provides a lot more than you might think. Like drawing as well. It also connects your tablet on the web with Google Docs to save all of your sketches/pictures/etc, and lets you preview the sketches in a Google Cloud Drive folder, so you have a reference to reference back to when you have a better one handy. (But I did find one sketch file that I would never use again. But I don’t remember what it was, and I’m sure I’ll think of it in the future. Just not now.) If you use for sketching/painting/etc, you can also share photos or drawings that you took with others to share them too.


Also called Ink. Me,, is really a wonderful drawing app. As you can see by the screenshots of my drawing that I made with this app, its really a creative writing and drawing productivity tool. comes with its own editing interface and a lot of features. But you can also upload your own drawings directly to its cloud service by connecting your device on the web using a web browser. It even has a “Create” page that lets you select your sketch,