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Well, let’s talk.

To explain why you need a degree, you have to know what goes into a self taught artist. When I say “self taught artist” I am referring to artists that are self taught by studying an art form or art style. You can be a great artist, a great painter, a great book writer, but not as a self taught artist, because if you can’t draw or paint, no one can!

I’ve always been a self taught artist! In fact the first art I started studying at 14 was drawing and drawing and painting, and I have been drawn into painting ever since!

How do you do it?

Self knowledge – How do I know what to draw?

Now I’m going to give you 5 ideas that will help you start drawing today.

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1. Understanding the nature of the artist

This is crucial to being a great artist. When is your drawing done or has you done what really? Your imagination is the real artist’s canvas.

What do you mean?

So you draw to fill that picture with something that you want to see? What if you want to draw something like an apple? It’s all an illusion.

Or the same as if you draw a tree or plant or a dragon? It too is an illusion.

So how do I begin to understand this concept?

Well, in life it’s all about using your imagination.

When I was younger, I used to draw a lot and it was easy because I just used my imagination and let my imagination do the work for me!

You see I could draw what I wanted and if it was well done I felt like a real artist. However, as I got older I realized that drawing a picture was more like drawing a word on a piece of paper and not actually drawing anything.

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like this but you also feel that way when you create ideas.

As a kid I was drawn to the idea of drawing a dragon, but no, it is just a drawing, and no matter how well it is drawn, people still just don’t appreciate it. It just was not an impressive image!

What I see is that the real artist does not take the time to create an exciting image. Or a dragon is just a sketch, it doesn’t have

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