Is udemy drawing course good? – Beginners Art Lessons

a) No. it was nothing more than a quick learning course about 3D art for the most likely beginner to the more advanced artist, and is NOT recommended to anyone who’s not interested in learning.

b) yes, and i still had the basic techniques up but i didn’t really need to work on everything. i’m a graphic designer and graphic designer in general i use Photoshop mainly because its all i got, but i find that the 3D stuff it helps a lot because its much easier than working with 2D. this is why you should study it and use it more than just when you work in other mediums. also the course looks very good!

c) Yes. The 2D stuff will improve alot over the 3D stuff.

d) Yes I recommend it. It helped me greatly with my previous art, just needed a bit more time to fine tune.

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e) no, because it is really tedious.

4) What is your advice if your looking to become a 2D artist and want to do something else?

a) Study the fundamentals, then start your own business. I think you will be amazed with how much time it saves you.

b) There are so many courses on how to draw anything. Some of them are very long, others are long but very basic and easy-to-follow course that is really only for people that already know how to draw. It does not mean they are the best to learn. A lot of people have gotten a lot from a course but they still need to know how to keep in mind of all the things they have learned, and there is always room to improve your skills. Some people have gotten a lot from a course and they are no longer doing them anymore because they did not study properly how it all works together.

5) How are you going to get a job in the 2D art field now that you aren’t a graphic designer anymore?

b) I don’t think its a thing to be worried about. I feel like my skill level will help me get jobs in the 2D art and video games industry.

c) Yes, when 2D artists get jobs, they won’t be good 2D designers, they will be more of the good 2D artist’s type, that specialize in pixel art, then 3d.

d) No I don’t think 2D art is on my priority anymore. My main focus is on games now

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