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“Yeah,” my friend says, “it’s a lot easier, if you get in touch with your gut. When you know you’re really getting into it and you know you’re drawing like mad, you just see everything.”

But you shouldn’t think that just because the artist you know wants to express a certain emotion — “It’s something I’m interested in,” they’ll say. “I get it. It’s important to me.”

“For them,” says Deryck at the end of the day, “the best way to show off is to paint.”

“Painting is a way of opening up,” says Ebert. He says it reminds him of what he feels a little bit less frequently, which is “a feeling of peace. It’s like a calm. This feeling of peace that I get in painting is very profound.”

The United States military is developing a new type of anti-ship missile that could soon see service on aircraft carriers.

Navy officials say that the Navy is developing a small-warfighter version of the anti-aircraft missile, which is known for its ability to fly in high-speed “chased” situations.

The missile’s name is “Hornet,” and officials in the Navy’s Tactical Missile Squadron 2 believe that it will soon be upgraded to “Longbow” in order to improve its ability to hit ballistic missiles.

The US Navy has not announced the new version nor has it mentioned pricing, but there had been speculation that the Longbow missile would be phased out of service. But after extensive testing on two Navy aircraft carriers, the service has begun to consider upgrading the missile to Longbow mode in order to give it enough firing accuracy for carrier strikes.

According to the Navy’s website, “the next generation air-launched cruise missile (ALCM) Hornet incorporates the new Mach 2+ performance of the MIM-104A1, with an air–to-surface warhead designed for a more lethal combination with the LCS (Lightweight Launch System): increased range; low initial-kill probability; increased lethality against ground targets over existing missile options; high accuracy and mission assurance on the carrier deck.”

HONG KONG — A North Korean diplomat on Thursday said the country’s nuclear weapon programs have reached their “maximum” and urged the U.N. Security Council to “send its toughest sanctions” as soon as possible.
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In a rare move to talk with his Western hosts,

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