Is painting a good hobby?

Yes. Do you want to spend a lot of time? Yes (I’m pretty sure I love this hobby!)

Do you have to learn a thousand other things now for some unknown reason? No (I don’t know why!)

How many books did I own when I started? None!

Do you like learning languages? Yes! I do (and I’m learning French too.)

Do you enjoy playing board games? Yes I do

How do you think your game experience is affected by this hobby? I feel more invested and creative/programming minded!

Are you looking forward to a couple of months of “snowboarding” as the months go on? If so I would absolutely love to hear from you! The more you share the more we can help!

If you like the answers you’d like to see I’d love to see a picture of yourself with your friends over a beer! Please add your name to this post in the comments section

PITTSBURGH — For all the people who were rooting for Joe Flacco during the Baltimore Ravens offseason program, there’s a good chance Flacco has left some of them in the cold.

Flacco and his teammates spent five days working out with some of the NFL’s top talent evaluators at the NFL combine. Those workouts and the accompanying interviews at the end of it were conducted at the invitation of the NFL Players Association.

That was supposed to be a warm-up for training camp; instead, it was viewed internally as a test to determine the depth of the organization’s talent pool in this year’s draft.

“I always thought there was no way in hell the Ravens were not getting drafted in the first round,” a top NFL executive, who took in the workouts, told The Associated Press. “For a team like Baltimore’s that’s the best shot anyone could get. But the players’ focus at that point was what we all would call the scouting process — are they ready for the NFL?

“It was not about talent evaluation.”

The first order of business during the five-day period was a scouting conference on Tuesday. There were three groups: West Coast evaluators from Seattle, New York and Dallas, a group from New England, Atlanta and Cleveland and a group from Los Angeles. All of them had been invited to attend last time, as well as the one in Atlanta last year.

On Monday, the Ravens began taking calls from about 90