Is painting a good hobby? – Free Online Art Lessons For Kids

A bit of a toss up – the more you do, the less money you have in your pocket to pay off a paintbrush.

It’s not hard to learn, and while there are plenty of ways to learn the fundamentals, there is also a huge amount more information online.

Here are some good resources for painting:

Books / DVDs

These can be more expensive than painting and they get out of hand really quickly – but they give you a high level of proficiency and they’re worth it.

Paint your own toy – Here’s an easy step-by-step guide

For most people – you’ll end up painting your own toy at some point (hopefully with a nice and shiny result).

If you have a spare time, use these resources to make your own kits:

For beginners

The biggest benefit to learning to paint is that you’ll be able to improve how you interact with other people.

You will make friends, but you will also make the game fun for you and your friends too.

Paint your own game

There is a lot of free paint tutorials out there. This is one that I’ve found really useful; you’ll have to get the tutorial for your printer though.

How did you start painting? Let me know in the comments!

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At its core, this argument comes down to one word: choice. Some people believe that there must be such a thing as a “bathroom choice.” And while, on its face, that might seem a trivial issue (since the people who argue this are already out there), I contend it is a

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