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I’m definitely not perfect and that’s okay. However, sometimes you want to paint, or paint at least a little bit. Some people enjoy painting everything, but for me, there is a definite need to paint a little bit. The fact is, I do not own a good painting device, and I am probably going to buy a nice painting device later on.

I hope that this video video of me painting comes across to you as well as my comments on the video and I hope you’ll like it as much as I did!

I’ve already gotten a few questions about why you’d need to install Linux kernel 3.16.3. The answer is this. Many of the packages that are available to you from the official repositories are for 3.16.2+, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

The official versions are still available for most devices that you are likely to encounter, but as with many other things, if you are trying to get up and running quickly, it might be best to stay with 3.11 rather than upgrading every three months or so.

To make that happen, we should be able to get most of the older kernel releases. On our devices, there are still a few older kernel releases which are available from from the same time as 3.16.2, but unless you have a really specific need, it’s probably in your best interest to stick with 3.5.

This is why there are two separate page on the website. One is 3.6.x branches and one is 3.6.x.x branches. The official releases for 3.16.x are 3.6.x, so if you have read up on them, they should be easy to find. But if you haven’t, here’s what’s new.

In the 3.6.0 branch, most stuff is unchanged, we have removed the use of initrd.img from the installer by changing it to use the actual files.

For 3.8.x (3.8.0-xxxxx) there’s a number of improvements, which I’ll list below. On x86_64, the default kernel has been updated (at least to 3.8), so if there any issues with some devices, it should no longer be an issue with 3.8.

For 3.8.1 (3.8.1-xxxxx) the main things

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