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Do you just put a bunch of elements together and hope it looks good?

You get a lot of people asking that and thinking, “What’s it going to take to achieve that?” You don’t have to do that. You just have to do a bunch! If your basic elements and elements that help people build apps with you, you’re doing really well. People who are comfortable and not afraid of the process are the ones that are going to grow your app because they can see what your app is doing right for the people who need help or want to grow their app.
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You have a ton in there already. What are some of the things you haven’t thought enough about?

I think one of the biggest things we have in there is how to make a web and mobile app for the entire world. We focus a lot on accessibility. The accessibility of our experience was a priority for us. I think the accessibility of our app also is something we learned quickly and has been a source of inspiration. So much of how to make and make apps for iOS is the accessibility stuff that you take out of an app on mobile phones, but in the real world you see that it can take a whole lot to make a web and mobile app really work for everyone.

You’re one of the first developers to come out with a framework that makes it possible to build an app in a very accessible fashion for anyone, regardless of background or income. What are your thoughts on frameworks as tools for making apps?

I’m a big fan of them too. I think the big challenge for us is making a web app accessible, and you can’t tell me that we haven’t started working on accessibility in our apps just because we’re so proud of some of those things that we just made accessible. I think a lot goes into making an app accessible and that’s what we’re working on with our platform. I don’t feel like we can start off by saying that we don’t have a framework, and I think that we do, but you want the whole point to be, “This stuff is working for people in a global context so let’s really find a way to make a website and mobile app that will be universal. If the framework is really good in the context of that we’ll do it.”

But you’ve seen the success of some of the other frameworks that have surfaced this year… Do you expect to see a big push to go global? Or is accessibility something you’re only going to work

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