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So, before you start building a project, what are your biggest priorities for design? We found that most apps have a few key elements, we chose these as “key parts”, because you can easily use them in the app.

App: The App

This is the first thing you should design. What kind of interface will you put in the app or even its background?

UI: The User Interface

Most apps have UI that is a part, which is a part of the app itself, but also at one level, it’s very necessary for you to get an impression from it whether or not it’s the right one.

Designing UI is an exact process that helps to identify the right element of your UI, then drawing it to the screen to show what the user feels.

So, there are four essential parts of user interface design. As these four parts are designed to be integrated and to work together and also to be independent, we could call them the UX design team, in this context we call themselves the UX designers.

We designed the User Interface first, we focused on usability and intuitive usability, then of course the rest of the design will follow. This is the core for the app.

Let’s start by designing the UserInterface. I’m going to use Sketch as a reference again, but it’s a tool that I’ve used for all kinds of design projects in my career.

In order to learn it, I recommend you to read our user interface guide. After you get the initial sketch, you should put it in a folder where you save it in a file called usericons.jpeg. Once those files are created in the Sketch folder, go to the menu on the left-top corner of the screen and then open the File menu. Select the Sketch file you just saved.

The screen will look like this: you can see the main elements that appear when you select.

So, if you click on this circle, it will open the User Interface Editor (not to be confused with a user interface designer).

So, you’ll see here the main parts of the app you are designing, because we already defined this for us, but if you want to modify the UI, you can do it there too, because this is where you will put all the parts that are part of the app.

So, let’s see these parts that you are designing.

A: The Main Navigation (Main

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