How do you develop a drawing style?

What elements of your visual language do you focus on, instead of just the overall composition, composition itself, or a specific object in the composition?

For example: if a photographer draws me with a pencil or a paintbrush, I’ve got to be able to see it in a very specific way. And I’ve got to be able to see what color it is. Then I have to be able to describe it. And I’m just trying to get a very clear shape, a small shape. And I want to give it the appropriate amount of definition.

Do you feel that you’ve achieved the right proportions for your work?

Not only physically, I feel like I’ve established the proper proportions. If I draw a figure with hands, I have to have hands that are bigger than other hands that I have. Because I want my fingers to be able to connect together in terms of where I want to put my mouth to. If you don’t have hands, I don’t have any chance, you know? (Laughs)

COACHING — thalie stephan
You might be able to move your hands, which is why I draw with a pencil. The fingers are bigger and longer, so it makes sense that I have bigger fingers in my drawing. I’m an artist who likes to draw things differently from how most other people draw them.

One of your characters has a very specific and distinct style. What’s your favorite type of brush? Do you just draw it because it seems right to you or is it just an instinct that springs up to you?

You just draw, right? (Laughs) There’s a bunch of brushes that you can buy at any art supply store and buy some basic brush size. You’ll find them in most art supplies stores and sometimes you’ll see them in art books. I like a lot of the brush shapes that are fairly round and flat with very long bristles. And then I like to start with brush strokes that seem to have more pressure than I’m accustomed to with drawing.

You’ve said that you draw in all different media and have a lot of different things to draw to keep your mind and heart focused on the subject matter. Do you still draw all of the time or just for the sheer joy of it?

I’ve drawn mostly all of the time. For me it’s not enough to draw the same thing. Every time I’m drawing I’m adding to the work. Because there are times when you’re drawing just for fun and I can work on other