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If so, could you recommend a free course? Or, are you a bit confused about what to do with an art degree?

If you are a member of a club, school, or university, or you are interested in the art field or want to learn more, you can check out the Art Students Network or The Association for the Study of Art on the web (which can also take you on a free online courses from some of the best art schools in Asia.

Art schools that are in Asia

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The Chinese Art Institute is a state-run art school founded in 1988. Its art curriculum focuses on contemporary Chinese art, including pottery, pottery and sculpture, mixed media and ceramics and pottery for children. Its tuition is around $5,000, and it can give graduates a great start toward their career.

Feng Zhan Art & Design Academy is a private art school that is part of University of Southern California’s Art Institute and Department of Arts and Design. Students will be admitted primarily on campus, and they can transfer to the school during the school year for another year of tuition. The school also offers classes in music, fine art and film.

Korean Art Institute is a private art school which has been in operation since 1978. It is one of the largest in Asia and has over 10,000 students enrolled. They teach both modern and traditional Korean art. They teach in a two-year program and include a variety of coursework. Students can choose to continue on to a degree program. The program is designed for Western tourists and there is a fee associated with it.

Laozhu Art Academy is a state-run, not-for-profit art school with the goal of producing the best student artisans. Its curriculum is mainly designed for professionals and students taking a second level. They are the only Chinese art school that caters specifically for China’s growing market of artists living outside of China. There is a fee associated with the program, but students have to pay full tuition.

Shenzhou Art School has been in operation in Shenyang, Liaoning since 2006, when the city was re-classified under the government’s New Development and Investment Management Plan. They teach both Chinese and South Korean art.

Taiwan Art Institute is a private art college which has been in operation since 2012. The school offers both classes in Western and Chinese art. Students have to pay their course fee in China ($18,000) and it takes two

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