Can you draw without reference? – Spray Paint Art Classes

A. The artist is not obliged to draw the reference, but if she fails to bring her imagination to the work, then it is no fault of hers.

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Q. How are references to be made? A. They should be of the same kind as illustrations, and must be drawn by the artist with his own hand. [Page xv] Q. What are your directions for a reference sheet? A. A reference sheet should be kept in the drawer. The following are the directions I give in reference sheets for reference-sheets. I draw it in pencil in my spare time every week or two. The references should be of equal height, about two inches for reference-sheets 1½ inches, 1 inch; 1½ inches, 1 inch; 2 inches, 2 inch; 2½ inches, 3 x 2 inches. The reference sheet should be folded on its side on the inside, and be left folded, one on each side, until it fills 2^⁄8 square inches. If there are more than one sheet of paper, the reference-sheet should be folded in halves upon itself with the bottom edge toward the middle, and the top edge toward the edge of the drawing. If it is too long to fit comfortably within the drawer, leave a little over a half-inch space on the top and bottom for each sheet. A sheet of paper that is too long to fit in the drawer will be difficult to fold on itself, and will make the drawing very difficult to read. A sheet will keep longer than a sheet of paper in the drawer, if kept in folded form by placing it on one of the two sides under the top drawers. Q. How long is the reference sheet to be in the drawer? A. The reference sheet to be kept in the drawer should be so folded as to be folded in about 8¼ inches. If there is only one sheet of paper left to be used, a folded reference sheet about 6 inches by 10 inches, should be placed over it. Q. What should be the reference-sheet on which to draw reference-laid images? A. The reference-sheet to be used should be of the form shown in illustration. Q. How often should the reference-sheet be read by him who draws the images? A. It is a poor indication of his capacity as an artist if he keeps the reference-sheet at all times in his drawing-room. Q. Should you fold your reference-sheet with the bottom edge toward the center, or with the edge

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