Can I learn drawing online? – Online Drawing Classes For Kids

Yes, you can. The Web is a large, diverse and vibrant place, and for drawing and design, there’s no better place to start than the W3Schools web series. Our video lessons go directly to you as we guide you through the art process.

I’m a developer, and don’t want to draw. How do I learn?

You can download the Web Animations and Video Training Program and start learning by watching web-based videos like these:

Web Animation 1

Web Animation 2

Web Animation 3

Our course will use HTML and CSS, but you can do it with JavaScript or even Javascript + C++.

Web Animations Tutorial 2

Web Animations Tutorial 3

My students love learning using the Web Animations course. Can I download it? Can I stream it?

Yes, you can download the Web Animation course via one of our webinar series. However as part of each webinar series, we have a free demo to show you what you will learn in your free lesson(s). You can then view our free samples to make sure the lessons have your favorite features or learn a new concept, as we go along. Some demos have been created by our own students for free. You can also learn more about how they use the lessons in our Web Development Training. You will get all the demos for a fee, or get them for free if you register when you register for the course with the course name.

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Is the Web Animations course available in other languages?

Yes, we’ve developed a collection of online videos for other languages. You can see a list of those languages here.

Can I get the classes in German and Spanish?

Yes, you can get the lessons in English or German.

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