Are art classes worth it? – Fine Art Lessons Online Free

Most art classes are worth it, but some are not.

In short, art classes might help you:

Learn more about art, the medium to which you are accustomed, your interest level, your personality, your interest in how things work, your motivation and your goals

Find an art teacher who is well-practiced in your area of interest, who can help you understand a specific process, as well as how to practice and improve.

Be exposed to something you enjoy—or at least want to be exposed to, if you are a student of any kind. When I attended and completed a course on Japanese architecture at the University of Wisconsin, and when I attended a seminar on film in Los Angeles, they were not art classes. In addition to the art, the students had to take a course in film theory and theory of photography. What did that look like?

Have a positive attitude about your art. Art is beautiful in its own right. You never know what it will make you think about, and it may teach you an interesting or important lesson about yourself, your work, or what you think is important in life.

So when the next art-related job or education search emerges, I’d suggest your first step to go in with a high regard for what you do and the experience you’ve gained while in art school.

For more information, see my full coverage on what it takes to be a successful artist.

Also: Read the new book “A Practical Guide to the Arts” by Barbara Lomarino, which provides comprehensive information on learning to do or learn from art, whether you are doing art as an artist or are learning to do art as a student.

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