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This doesn’t mean we can assume that a specific person doesn’t have an IQ that exceeds 80 or whatever. But it does mean that those of us who are pretty similar to the average Joe/Jane may have different strengths and we may have different weaknesses.

The truth is, we can’t predict all the answers. I know my family and I don’t always agree with each other. When those disagreements come up in arguments, it can help to remind ourselves of just how smart we’re actually getting because I always want to remind them that a lot of smart people can see a weakness in the other side, or see that if they really just wanted to help, they could simply spend 10 minutes on Google. It’s easy to be an ass to other human beings and I’d much rather have people respect me based on my intelligence than my opinion on how they’re going to do this job.

We really should never say who’s right, but we can make sure, when it comes to fighting to prove you’re smarter, that you also take it one small step at a time with a more nuanced view of each opponent, and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

The rest of us, well, maybe we should take it from both our ears.

Sporting Kansas City announced on Tuesday the new jersey for the club’s home opener on Sunday, Aug. 13 vs. FC Dallas (5 pm ET; MLS LIVE), the club’s third match of the CONCACAF Champions League (CCL) 2014 season.

“This is a good fit for our club and all of our supporters as we build our new kit a year ahead of schedule,” Sporting Kansas City General Manager Claudio Reyna said. “We look forward to wearing this vibrant kit again in the upcoming season and to celebrating a historic night.”

Sporting KC finished in second place in the regular season standings behind Real Salt Lake.

“Sporting had a great season and are building towards our goal of qualifying for the Champions League,” RSL Head Coach Jeff Cassar said. “We look forward to cheering our fans at Children’s Mercy Park as we prepare to host Sporting Kansas City in the 2016 MLS Cup.”

In the past, Sporting Kansas City has worn a blue jersey with white lettering throughout the 2013, 2014 and 2015 MLS seasons. The club will mark the first time in the club’s history that it will wear this combination on its home jerseys.

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“We are very excited to honor our fans’ request to

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