How does a mentalist do it? – Youtube Magic Tricks For Kids Revealed Meaning

How can he use his mind in the course of the day to create, maintain, and protect the universe?

The purpose of this is the same as in “The Great Work” – to create. And to create something of infinite worth. We are born with the ability to create our own meaning and purpose; and it should be our focus every day.

Here’s the key:

“The mind has to have first of all a mind of its own. And the first of all the mind may be the most important. For in order that the mind may be of itself you need the brain. And there is no more important of a tool than this brain.”

Dr. Jules Ferry

If you want to be the one to create in your life, there are three things you must do:

1. Practice Mindfulness Meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is really a very simple mental exercise.

Simply sit next to a window or your favorite place, or in another state of consciousness, and simply breathe. It just may feel quite distracting, but if you practice it enough, it will become a habit in no time.

Try this daily and try to find yourself a time when you do not have distraction. Try that too for 10 days then, and then 10 days again. Keep going until you find something where you feel calm and focused. You will then need to start practicing some more.

2. Make a Schedule.

The mentalist must regularly practice daily to bring that mind of his to the task at hand.

For instance, you might put up a note on your desk telling yourself to meditate in the morning, or to spend time writing. Or you might make a list of things you need to do today that you haven’t done enough of already.

Each day in that list should have some quality or value attached to it. Something worthwhile, because that’s how mentalists create.

The more you can remind yourself to accomplish something today, the more of your mind does that task in your head, and the more purpose or meaning is in that task.

And this is the key:

“A mind is a kind of power, and therefore, if it can be used and developed for good ends, it will be developed. If, however, it is used and developed against good ends, it will be abused.”

Dr. Jules Ferry

This is why Dr. Jules Ferry is so

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