How do you read minds? – Magic Tricks For Kids Age 4

Well … Read mind-reading. It’s a process; it’s something that happens after you become a bit of a person.”

On his new venture, A Mindscan Podcast

“We’re doing the first ever podcast of it; a conversation with a neuroscientist. So it’s a lot more like a two day radio show and if you’re the only one listening and you want to ask your questions and I just listen to all of them because that’s what happens in most of the conversations that I’ve had, then you’ll hear on an episode of the podcast. You’re really going to get to know the scientist in your life and you’ll hear everything that they have to say because this stuff is really interesting.”

On his new podcast What is the Mind?

“Letters to my fellow humans, basically — in a scientific world. So I’m thinking that people’s thoughts and emotions are going to be captured somehow. And I wanted to do something where people could put their thoughts about these things onto a computer, and I said, ‘How can we get this right? How can we get this to work out.’ What I’ve discovered is that this is a really, really difficult problem. It’s just so difficult to capture those thoughts. Even when we do it in the laboratory the way that we do it — with a scanner and with a sound system like a computer or a speaker — it is not very effective. I did a little research on it, and it’s very much the same as a phone interview and you have the phone and you do the interview. And when you record it on a microphone, the person is still very much thinking the same thing. But I believe that these conversations with our thoughts can not only be captured in a computer in the lab, but also on a podcast.”

On using neuroscience to reduce mental health issues and addiction

“One of the things that I have found from my previous academic work, I’ve been working with various academics who are studying neuroscience and they’re trying to find out, are there different neural pathways, are there different structures that are in humans that maybe can be used to treat certain neurocognitive issues that are prevalent in people who are dealing with anxiety and depression and maybe addiction?”

“What do you mean by neurocognitive issues? Like are you talking about specific brain structures?”
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“Yes. Basically we try to study brain structures that are called the default mode network of the human brain and it’s the part

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