How do you palm a coin? – How To Do Really Cool Magic Tricks

In this video, we’ll answer that question.

This is the second in a two-part series about using the Palm Pilot’s ability to hold coins in your hand to hold things – you can watch the first part here. We’ve been doing this for nearly five years in the video below. But we’ve kept the details pretty low key at this point – we wanted to give you a peek into the technology behind this system.
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In the beginning, every time you dropped a coin into your pocket, it was the same – you’d find it in a pouch somewhere. You’d think it had flown past the Earth on the breeze. But you’d be wrong.

After a while, some of the coins would eventually find their way to the other side of the planet. If you left them there, they’d have to wait until you got on a plane.

As it was, they were left behind.

If you couldn’t get on a plane, some of these coins were sitting in a box out back – they’d be waiting to find their way home. If it took a minute to fly a plane, there was no way it would get there in one.

So we knew we could find some of these coins and bring them home for you – let’s try this again – this time use the Palm Pilot, and drop it.

Again – you’ll find it’s not floating.

And here’s what happens – there’s no way the coin went straight down. Some of the coins would fall sideways, as if they had landed on a road. Some wouldn’t even land and float like they should…

But a lot of them do make it, and that’s because you had to use the Palm Pilot – there was no way you could just flick the coin out of your pocket without taking it out.

This is when you learn exactly what is going on under the hood of the Palm Pilot – the system relies on a special type of contactless credit card. We just call them “the palm card” (it’s a nice touch; we’ve got a little bit of the name right along with it. ).

We’ll show you how.

All credit cards are basically the same (except for the number, of course), except that they have the number embossed onto them instead of on top.

It looks like this:

You have to write the palm card number right into your palm. It needs the right number

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