How do you do the world’s best magic trick? – Youtube Magic Tricks Video

You are supposed to throw one finger, and then catch the other one. Yet you can’t even do a straight trick without getting it wrong somewhere. The truth is, magic is actually a complex, highly ritualized activity made of many techniques.

Here are nine techniques that you learn in your first year of magic — and can apply to any juggling trick on the planet.

9 Technique No. 1:

You have to throw a hand in a certain direction.

Now you know this trick, but do you know what it involves?

Well, first you have to make a series of mental calculations over and over again in your head. Like: What time of day is it? What time is it? What time in the day is it? When will it be dark? etc. etc. Then you have to bring it to a hand in a certain direction with absolute accuracy so that you are able to throw it and catch it at precisely the same moment in time.

The point is that it is not just a matter of throwing the hand in the desired direction. You have to be able to catch the hand in that same direction, too, to keep the trick from failing.

The trick consists of a simple but brilliant mathematical sequence. You repeat each part of the sequence as many times as necessary to get the sequence and then repeat it again. One part, four parts, eight parts — it’s all one giant set of calculations and calculations. You can see this in the video here.

And in the video below, in reverse order:

This technique is probably the trick that most people think of when they hear the words “magic.” This trick is a magic trick because it involves so little actual trick-making. The math is easy to do, and as long as you do it in the same way over and over again — making sure to follow it exactly as it is described in the video above — you will always win every time.

But, what about those who like to make more of their own tricks? What about those juggling masters in China who have the ability to perform all of these tricks at once, while juggling a live monkey? They don’t?

In my next article, I will explain exactly how.

You can check out the full video of the trick here.

7 Technique No. 2:

You have to throw your fingers in the same direction.

In your first attempt with the trick, you throw your

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