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Do coins come back to center? Or is it “a small error on the bill of lading?” It is probably more likely the bill of lading shows what it means to the customer – a low risk product is at low cost to ship. “It is a very large mistake on the bill of lading and is the least desirable one, especially for the lowest price you can offer.”

So how is this situation different then what I listed for some vendors? For them, this is a “low risk product” (lower risk is higher expected outcome) – but for the customer? Lower risk – even with higher prices. Same exact situation.

The customer is more likely to find this cheaper – in fact, higher chances of getting a refund, in the first place . This is actually a great business benefit for the customer. The customer is more willing to pay a higher price to get a more refundable product (ie not the same kind).

So, where is the problem? It is the “costs” – that is, the “exchange rate” – that is the real threat to getting customers. It is the price the vendor gets paid for “a low risk product” that has some “higher risk” (higher expected outcome) which can be determined by the market – but more expensive. This is where the vendor is most likely being screwed. This is where the vendor is likely to go out of business.

My advice to vendors is: Get out of the merchant processing business!

As of today, I’m not selling any merchants any of my products. The reason I am not doing that is because I have a different company, a smaller company with much more success in my business line – the customers are happy with that company because they know what they’re buying every time, not “just in case” because I am making a tiny bit of profit at the risk of my business line breaking and my business being hurt.

So… I will continue to sell other products. So to those businesses using Merchant Bureaus .

What about you? What are these businesses? What kind of “businesses” are these? Are there any other problems I have found?


2. If the vendors are using Merchant Bureaus (and I assume they are) then how do we protect ourselves from vendor fraud?

Here is my list of all the problems (which I list in the end of my post):

1. FRA

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