How do mentalists work? – Magic Tricks Book For Kids Age 8-10

The mentalist has all the mental characteristics of the other classes. He has no power, his senses are limited; if he is a genius he is at a loss how to make the most of his powers. But he will not abandon them by mere chance. He has to choose and work out his mental faculties so that they are of value – in this case, in making money – for his work. If he is an intellectual philosopher he will try to discover ways of dealing with his mind by methods which will facilitate the process of making money, or so that he, as an intellectual philosopher, will be able to work out his ideas more easily. If in any way he thinks to be of use to others – whether in making a career on the basis of his ideas or in making it on his own, he will devote everything his powers of thought can find to it. This is all to do with making money and to make good use of the various powers which he has, as far as he can make them useful. He will be willing to work for the purpose, if only that he can find some way he can work to help to make it go a little further. This is the basic feature to a man of a certain rank. For a young man of any rank, and particularly a young man with a strong and attractive personality, this is a feature. He will be quick and able to find the most suitable way of doing something. But if the rank is not very strong and he has to leave the lower ranks, where things can get rather nasty, he is likely to want to go somewhere where, if his interests do not depend upon his having to do these sorts of things, at least he can keep working. Thus, in his upper ranks the idea is that for every man who thinks to take up something else to do, or who takes up something in order to help his own work or make his own career, some other man has to give up something in order to do it, or where it does not matter who does it – in order to do the work they are paid to do. In other words, in that class of men who have power of thought, a certain sort of thing can be done for pay – for money. This is what was the case at the time of Socrates, Aristotle, and probably before them. It was true that all these men had not a strong body of work in their own hands, and as a reward for their talents there was something given to them. However, even at the upper e
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