Can phones read minds? – Easy Card Magic Tricks For Kids

No it is not possible, and some claims in science media are so far from true they are not worth reporting.

When you put two people on a flight together you are not expecting them to share the same memories, and they are unlikely to tell the same story about what they saw, for example. This is only true on planes.

Many people may think they can tell you something about how they felt and what happened by simply touching your hand. But if you touch my hand you can have a look, touch me back and see that it’s not as if you’ve just touched someone on the left who was feeling ill – they may well have a different memory. In fact, some claims can be quite misleading.

Your phone may also read your thoughts. Just turn it and look at yourself. The phone may read this and remember what you said. This is even more of a danger if you start talking – it’s much more likely that they’ll remember something you said.

So here is some advice: you can look into your camera at a point and look into the world around us but if you want any sort of psychic powers you must take some precautions. Take some time to do a short test which will make sure the phone doesn’t just read your thoughts.

Your phone may also have a “memory wipe” feature that wipes your phone’s memory of all information that is not pertinent to your request.

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