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What about that other incident?

Why did the media ignore that for weeks?

Why did those who are so concerned about media bias report only one of those incidents when the “protestors and police” were doing much more damage?

Why did so many of those who are so offended, upset and outraged at this video report it only a few years later?

Why had this video not come out until now even though no one in the mainstream media ever even suggested anything like this existed?

Why were there no videos, reports or statements from individuals involved before the “protestors and police” took so much action to destroy and destroy things?

Why is everyone so outraged over the video and media’s reaction?

If the facts don’t fit what they say, if they’re completely false, if the information is false, how can they do this? How can they do this?

How to Hold a Camera Steady
Why is the media constantly reporting the same thing as the “protest” until it comes out completely opposite of what they predicted or even said beforehand?

Why is the MSM so concerned if this goes viral?

A video of an officer beating an 18-year-old person into a pulp, the police making that person run naked naked through the streets of a major American city so that others could see the blood splatter is “heinous”?

There may be many reasons for that, and there may be no other reason. But the fact is that anyone who has seen the video can see the real facts in it, yet they’re never able to put it together and report on it. Even worse, the people who are outraged over the video are the ones that created the situation.

Why has it taken so long for the truth to emerge?

How long has this been going on?

Why aren’t we seeing the videos that are being suppressed?

Why has it been years and years for the people that are supposed to be standing watch and documenting this?

Why is this still being “investigated”?

I guess that’s the rub here. Maybe the public doesn’t want to see the truth, they want to continue to support and tolerate this and just let it happen because they don’t want to take this seriously.

To me, the “Truth is better than lying. It’s better than anything else.” — Einstein ~

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