Which camera can shoot 4k 60fps? – How To Shoot A Music Video With Iphone

We’re working on finding a single solution but will release it as soon as we get it up and running.

What kind of camera will it be? (Polaroid or similar with a long lens)

It will be some kind of polaroid camera. (The original lens for the original Polaroid camera is 30mm and we don’t want to break that in the process of upgrading the camera to an even shorter 20mm or 15mm lens)

Will the camera be compatible with all versions of the Canon EOS 1Ds?

We’re not ruling out any one version of the camera or sensor. (We’ve already looked at Canon’s sensor and found it compatible, but it’s not a universal fit.

Doesn’t this camera have a dedicated camera mode?

Nope. We’re keeping the camera’s camera modes on an internal switch and it has an external shutter release for the Canon 1DL mk II. All the shutter settings can be accessed directly through the camera.

Will you make a waterproof version of the camera?

We are. If your goal is to take this to a remote location for any purpose, then no. The camera will have to meet certain high standards to meet the waterproof rules. We will announce it when they’re ready.

Will you add to your rewards that we asked for?

Deep Ocean Shot
We’re taking this one at a time.

Can our funding help?

Absolutely! If you think your project is worthy of backing (or you’re new to Kickstarter) then we’re giving it one shot.

This project can only be funded if we reach our goal. Anything over our goal just helps more.

We’ve come a long way! With this campaign, we’ve learned a lot about Canon, the Canon cameras we’ve worked with, and how to make good use of all the sensor resources in our kit cameras. While that’s all great, we still think that this Kickstarter is more than the sum of its parts. For that reason, we’re still planning on using the funds we raise to make this project better.

You’re helping make a fantastic product, but what else can you do?

We’ve been working hard to bring up something special for the Canon 1D mk II. You can see all of the details at:

If your camera has a 3rd party lens that doesn’t meet our requirements you

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