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Kurt Vonnegut

The saddest music video you can imagine is The Exterminating Angel, one of the greatest movies on this list. It’s a movie about the horror of having to watch horrible things that have no redeeming qualities. The song is “The Grapes of Wrath,” a song about pain, sadness, and sadness. The first line is “It took me years after I saw, And I couldn’t forget, And I still couldn’t know Why I was so mad/ But in my despair, I would think of, What was I doing in there/ I thought of you/And then all the pain in the world seemed worth it/ I was mad at no one.” The rest of the song is about suffering and the fact that there will never be any peace or understanding.

E.K. Johnston

I feel like the saddest music video, ever. I guess it starts with a scene of two people that are completely alone, completely alone, totally alone. The song is called “It’s All In a Day’s Work,” and it’s by The Proclaimers. They were actually featured in a film called The Music of the Proclaimers which is a movie about the Proclaimers and a song about the film. The song is called “Gangnam Style.” The film is called Gangnam Style. The song starts with that line: “Gangnam style, no more gangnam.” I’m going to leave the other songs off this list, but there’s a song called “The Last Song Written” by Pink Floyd, also in the video. There’s probably a few other sad songs, but I don’t know anything about them. Here’s my point. People are so invested in their lives that they spend a good portion of their lives just trying to be happy at all costs. I think that all video artists, especially video people, are looking for something that they can just really get excited about. That’s like the sad song, that’s the real stuff that they want to create. So sad. When it comes to music video music videos, there are so many different videos because there’s all these different formats that are out there. I think the sad music is the one I can go back to the most. Even the sadest songs, they can be very, very enjoyable at times. For example, “Sugar Hill” is great.

Randy Newman Interview on The Moth in the Cathedral

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