What is the hourly rate for a videographer?

(From: Brian) In short, I am not sure if the hourly rate is 1/6th if 50-100% of that is in salary. In our case, we are doing weekly production with the help of paid internships that put us on a track to full time work. Our hourly rate for a film director is $1500.00 and I believe those numbers include time costs as well as a few expenses like food, studio time, film editing and music. I am also guessing that a cinematographer might not be getting a salary based mostly on tips which can run as high as 50% per scene. It seems that the production is all or part of the crew and they are all employees. We are all part of a team and we are all expected to help in any way we can with the final product. If you are a full time videographer and are not working 60 hours per week, I’d feel happy if you did a video for us and I’d love to pay you to do that as well. My question is, as far as I can tell, what am I doing wrong in trying to get someone paid for their time. Thanks Brian.

How often do you shoot? (From: Brian) Each year roughly 75 to 75 percent of the footage that we need is shot on our own location. Sometimes we get a team to shoot another short scene for a short while and the rest of footage goes into the feature film. Our shooting schedule is dictated by our production schedule. We work with a team of 10 to 15 producers and directors to oversee how long the production takes to complete. Our production schedule typically takes between 4 to 8 weeks. We shoot on a wide range of films and sometimes with just a specific subject. Most of the footage is cut with a variety of cameras and lights.

What did you do with an old camera that has not been used in a while? (From: Chris) The camera from 30 years ago was used for our music video. It was an old Canon Rebel T2 and we have a whole load of them around. A really good friend of mine used to shoot in one.
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How many employees is your company hiring? (From: Brian) Our fulltime staff is currently around 20 people which includes a director, a sound engineer and a cameraman. We have about 10 full time interns, some of which are employed full time at the production company and some part time. We have been hiring as fast as we can and will continue that until we