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All cameras, including those used for music videos. When people watch music videos on phones, video screens are typically displayed on a mobile device through a camera, such as a cellphone camera. In such cases, the camera is attached using a camera extender to the phone as a separate unit, then connected to a network through a Wi-Fi access point.

In the last 50 days, which videos from your past have made you smile? All of the above.

A new study has revealed that a small but persistent part of modern society is obsessed with making the most of the body.

Researchers from Harvard and Columbia universities found that over 40 per cent of respondents wanted to be fit for work while another 40 per cent said they’d like to improve their health. The study also found that the majority of adults did a lot of exercises for their general well-being – something not seen previously. The research also reveals that these people spend little time thinking about making choices regarding diet or exercise.

The study found that, at least for some adults, obesity has become a badge of honour: an example of a socially valuable characteristic that has more value to a society than its underlying health. The researchers were also surprised to find that, contrary to common wisdom, obesity does not appear to adversely affect health outcomes.

Instead, research suggests that people with a higher body weight seem to experience a greater sense of satisfaction with their health than those with a lower weight.

The researchers – led by Jennifer Aune of Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Katherine J. Oakes of Columbia University and Matthew D. Kahn, of Harvard Business School – asked 1,007 participants from 10 countries to complete questionnaires about their levels of physical activity, attitudes toward the food industry, and their views on the health implications of food. They also collected data on self-reported health measures such as a standard blood pressure check and a body mass index (BMI), which ranges from underweight to obesity.

Their research also revealed that participants who were more likely to be obese were more likely to perceive the health benefits of being obese (especially weight loss), were more willing to spend time thinking about their health, and reported being more focused on health.

The researchers say that the findings suggest that people with a high BMI may feel more motivated to “keep their weight under control” by having more control over their diet and exercise habits than people who are overweight or obese. This appears to support previous evidence from the International Obesity Task Force – the international body that

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