Is GoPro good for music videos?

I’ve never used it in that way.

Kieran O’Connell: GoPro is designed for sports footage and professional sports. A lot of the times we’re going to shoot a movie in a sports venue and we’re doing it with the cameras mounted on stands, with poles and so forth. We really don’t tend to have cameras of our own for the movies.
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Molly Lambert: I didn’t really see the appeal of that, but I was fascinated by a couple guys at the shoot that went to a festival with me from The Beatles, one who just couldn’t get their GoPro out of sight, the other one who was carrying the GoPro on a shoulder strap around the whole set. I don’t recall what I was thinking when I thought “oh, why not?” The more time that passes, and especially with film festivals where there’s a lot of competition, it’s going to get harder and harder not to use cameras on stand-up. So it may become much more of a necessity.

Kieran O’Connell: I had seen it in it’s current version. It works just fine for sports and documentary-type stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever used it as a regular camera.

Dwain Allen: I saw it in a lot of it’s current version, for example, at one of the festivals and I couldn’t understand why anyone with a GoPro would want to have it attached to a stick. To have a camera attached to a stick, it’s almost a waste of space. Why spend the money to have a camera attached to a stick and not attach it to a tripod?

Kieran O’Connell: It’s the same thing for me. All this time I’ve been using my iPhone to take pictures, it’s the easiest thing you could do. It’s not that expensive. But why would you take your phone out and attach it to a tripod? For everything that you’re going to need to remember on the shot.

Molly Lambert: If we had cameras for everybody, it would just become ridiculous.

Dwain Allen: I do want to have a camera around.

Molly Lambert: It’s a big investment.

Dwain Allen: You have to make one. Some people might think that, but we do see people using the camera as an addition, not a replacement for their phone.

Molly Lambert: It’s a little bit like having a camera that shoots