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Most music videos are filmed using two cameras positioned behind the actors, and the majority of the cost is associated with the setup, lighting, editing and sound. The cost usually starts at $500-$1,000 depending on the set used. An important piece of the equation to understand is that filming a music video is much more expensive than simply recording a video using the existing video equipment in the studios. The audio is a much bigger expense than video for three main reasons:

First: you have to provide your own microphones, which require additional cost. Secondly, the number of songs can easily range from 5 to 25, depending on the songs in the video. Thirdly, if you need to capture different types of shots (like panning or panning for the camera for instance) the cost can easily cost several times more than one shot.

In terms of actual budget, the average video with about 30 minutes of footage costs about $1000-$1500. For a three-hour video, an average cost would be $50,000-$115,000 according to our research. To put that in further perspective, that’s about $2,300 per minute. For our example, the cost per minute for a 30-minute music video with a single music video and two short films would be $500,000.

What does it take to shoot a music video?
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There are a variety of equipment requirements to shoot a music video including:

– A high resolution TV (with high definition video capabilities or equivalent)

– A digital camera to shoot video

– A digital camera capable of holding more than 30 fps

– A digital video editing package capable of at least 4K and 24 fps

– A video editing package that includes sound editing

– A sound mixer capable of handling high volume music at high speed.

– A digital video camera – you also need to provide some kind of sound control package in addition to the camera.

One additional requirement that applies to a music video are lighting and video effects. You need to invest in some kind of lighting effects to further enhance the video. Since we’re shooting a music video at 35 FPS – which is similar to an 8 or 16 frame clip – the cost for a lighting package with a 35-40 lux level would need to be closer to $400 per hour. This is in addition to the other equipment needed to record, edit and render a music video.

Finally, one more thing to keep in

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