How can I learn videography? – How To Video Yourself On Iphone

To learn videography, you will have to spend time on YouTube. In our opinion, the best resource for learning to be a better videographer is Learning to Learn. It covers everything from editing, audio work, and general video editing. The best part though is that you can easily download or play back your video footage for free.

If you have a camera you have to learn how to setup, find a good spot, and start taking photos. You might even be able to use the images you find to make a portfolio of your work, which could land you an interview and a job. Check out this tutorial.

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To be honest, there is a huge learning curve to learn videography, but you’ll gain valuable information in the process. There is no substitute for doing it first (on YouTube). Don’t be afraid to try to create videos yourself and put your ideas into practice.

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