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– (1) James Thurber, “Ventriloquist’s Funeral March

The ventriloquist is often a young man, his only responsibility being that he must move the dummy so it is properly attached, and he is usually the one who handles the dummy’s limbs as he is the only one who can hold them; he is also usually the person who first turns on the ventriloquist’s dummy (he or she is usually called on during the first few minutes to help set up the dummy and prepare it to be used), and is the person most often seen looking out of the window with the dummy in hand. The ventriloquist is sometimes also shown as the only survivor of the act who survives and lives on as a live performer.

Ventriloquist acts were very popular in the 1910s and 1920s. James Thurber, “Ventriloquist’s Funeral March” (1880).

The ventriloquist is often thought of as the first person ever to demonstrate trickery (though he might have actually pioneered it), and the first person to use props such as stuffed animals in the act’s performances. He was also the first to develop a theatrical style in which each performance was presented as a single performance, rather than being a segmented piece.

The American Ventriloquist Association was formed in 1908. In 1924, the first annual ventriloquist competition was held, for men and women. The association also sponsored a competition known as the “Ventriloquist’s Game of Fun.” The game was based on this old tradition where a number of people could play a game and if one was able to correctly guess the winner, that person was recognized as the winner by the crowd.

Over the years, the American Ventriloquist Association went through several iterations. The longest known version of the society is the American Ventriloquist Society. The organization now represents hundreds of practicing ventriloquist’s who have over 150 years of experience and over 100 years of knowledge of the hobby.

The American Ventriloquist Association was dissolved in 1965, but the organization as a whole continues to enjoy many members. The national organization still maintains the Ventriloquist’s Game of Fun competition.

Ventriloquism and a V.A.C.

Ventriloquism occurs among both professional and amateur actors. Some of the most famous performers who have adopted the technique include:

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