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We will have to wait until the results of a major survey to determine this. But it is hard to ignore the list of names.

Here is a list of the top ten (9, 6, 5, 4, 3…). Of those, three are male – Mike, Johnny and Jimmy. (See below for the list of the female ventriloquist – Anna.)







How did the list come about?

We compiled this list after watching Mike at the Chicago Improv in July and the results were surprising. He was a top performer!

Did you recognize some of these performers?

Many of the names on this list started out as top performers in the Chicago Improv, then turned into famous names when they appeared on their own shows.

This list can be sorted by performers performing in the Chicago Improv to find actors and hosts whose names are in there. A few are listed as recurring performers when they were first seen. And the list is not comprehensive – there are several performers performing in various cities or states.

How many different cities are listed as performers?

Here is a graph of the list:

And here is a list of performers on the list.

What are the differences between the performers performing in Chicago and other cities around the country?

If you visit any city on the list and look at the performers performing there, you will see a stark difference between the cities. That is because in many cases the performers are touring to sell tickets and make some extra cash while they are doing so. (Click here or on the following links to see detailed information on performers in cities with different show schedules.)

When and where are the different shows?

While this list shows some of the names who are performing in different cities at the same time, the performer can vary in the dates of their shows. One of the actors, Billy Lefroy (see this list of the most popular comics on the list), was working at the Chicago Improv (now known as Just for Laughs) as a part-time writer in 2001-02.

This also means that some of the performers listed below were only performing in Chicago at one time.

Billy Lefroy

Dennis Hopper

Barry Sheene

James Earl Jones

Willie Nelson

George Carlin


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