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The early ventriloquists were mainly from the lower classes, so they couldn’t have been the children of ordinary folk.

If the ventriloquists were from the countryside, you wouldn’t expect them to have knowledge of the ancient culture they were performing in.

In my opinion, the ventriloquists were people who were in touch with the ancient culture.

The culture of the ancient people at this point in time, if they were not the children of the nobility, were the children of peasants.

The ventriloquists were working from the perspective of ancient culture. They were taking place in a time period where the aristocracy and royalty were living in the country and the peasants in the cities.

The ventriloquists were, therefore, taking place in a time during which the aristocracy and royalty had already gone through a decline and were in the process of being abolished, and the peasants were in the process of being reduced to slavery and working towards abolishing it.

So the ventriloquists were performing in a time of decline and a time of revolution.

What did the ventriloquists say?

The ventriloquists had their own views.
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They were in constant contact, and they were talking about things they had heard, and so on.

It is very hard to summarize what they said, because people did not keep their records, and even if they had records, it would have been a bit like asking me for the names of every individual who died or went to jail, or who were tortured to death or who had been murdered.

What we can do, instead, is look at the actual records.

These documents, which are called “archival” documents or “letter-books”, are actually pretty much the only thing we have, and we can only study the ventriloquists’ attitudes towards their own time period.

What do the ventriloquists say?

It is important for us to know what they said.

Since there isn’t anything in their writings, what we can do is to look at these letters, even if we’re not using them.

If we look at what the ventriloquists said, then we’ll be able to say, “This is how they spoke”, etc.

For example, we can read that the ventriloquists wrote:


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