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When you are playing with another character’s toy, you can say either “You got this” or “You got this, doll.” Both words end in “-y,” in this case “you.” You can also say “You got these two” and “You got this two more. If you say “You got it” a line is interrupted that is followed by “that doll is very cool” or “I really like that you got that doll.” If you get a “That doll is cool” line, that means, “Here’s a great doll that you can show off to your friends.” (Note that “you” in this instance means it applies to all of the actors in the scene.) If you get another “You got that doll” line, you say that’s why you got that doll (and it is only after getting that line that you get the line “That doll is cool,” not “You got that doll”). If you get a “That doll is really cool” line, you say that the doll is super cool and you are really looking forward to showing it off, which is why you got it. See more

By now everyone at home has seen how much work the Toronto Maple Leafs have accomplished in a short period of time, while a few other teams have had a chance to catch up. I don’t think all teams can keep up with this pace, particularly in the postseason, but, just like the 2013 lockout, I think there is always hope that others can catch up. A team which falls behind on January 5th could still be in playoff position, if they can remain patient and get back on course.

There were some obvious questions around the Toronto Blue Jackets (and their fans) as they came into their season opener against the Nashville Predators. There were even some who wondered if the Blue Jackets would even make it into the playoffs. With the playoffs opening up a bit more after the start of the 2015-16 season, the Blue Jackets didn’t seem to have quite enough to worry about. With a couple of games on the slate against teams who made the playoffs last season, the Blue Jackets showed that they have more than enough depth to compete for a playoff spot should they make a run this season.

I thought the most important thing going into the season was just how quickly the Blue Jackets could build their depth and how they could take advantage of it. It’s not a problem to have the ability to score goals on your roster, but, as I said back then

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